Lights & Oscars..

DAY 58

“If you ever wondered where your dreams come from, this is where they’re made.” Hugo (scene..standing on a film set)

Last night was the Oscars! I loved the show. 2011 was a great year for movies, and I don’t know how that group narrowed the contenders down  to determine the recipients. Bravo! The Artist won best picture (which I was happy about, but I was rooting for The Help). Hugo took home many awards as well! I was glad..many of last years movies had a consistent theme [for me] – believe in your dreams; believe in yourself. That meant a lot to me seeing as I returned to school to follow through with my passion to help people by way of massage therapy. Last year I also started this blog to help me sculpt and hone in on my photographic skill set.

Cirque du Soleil gone Oscars was unbelievable. I’ve always wanted to see a show and that piece only made that desire increase.

What a Wonderful World (which always makes me think of Toy Story) was sung during the “In Memorium” part of the night.

The picture for today is of a Tow Mater (from Cars) night light. Yep..I took a picture of a night light. During the day. Because it was that overcast. I still had a great day though! I edited the picture in Pixlromatic.

I am thankful for: pillows & blankets. And that Mad Men is returning in March!!

Goodnight, all!



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