Sad Pine Cones & Snow-Doh..

DAY 59

A lovely foggy morning turned into a gorgeous spring-like day with an added double post-event sports massage, which was – in a word – Heaven.

We spent the morning waiting for the slick surfaces to dry from yesterday’s rain, but after nap time, M & I went out to enjoy the amazing weather. He found a couple pine cones that had fallen into the grass, picked them up, & brought them to me asking “Why is it sad?” I smiled. He gently placed them in their own planters that were to be their new homes. I was able to get a picture of one.

Snow-Doh you ask? My abbreviated version of snow people made of play-doh. For whatever reason, M is captivated by “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and making snowmen out of play-doh whenever possible. Today, we decided to tackle facial expressions. Yeah…they all ended up having the same one. No judging, please!

I’ve switched to drinking a smoothie with Yerba-mate in the morning instead of coffee, but the catch is that I have to get it the day before because the store isn’t opened by the time I’d need to be there. All that is to say that when I was in getting my smoothie today, there was a mom with her two boys (probably 4 & 6). She was telling them that they were each getting their own smoothie and the eldest boy starts jumping for joy that he got to have HIS OWN smoothie! It was the cutest thing. It’s nice to be reminded to appreciate the little things..especially by tiny humans. : )

I am thankful for: my very own smoothie!



    • Geno
    • March 1st, 2012

    It IS very nice to have one’s very own smoothie. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for the nice comments you made on my posts too. I’m thinking there is a project to be made of play doh people expressions. But that’s just me. I make projects of everything.

    • Haha! I like the project idea! M is always commenting on the expressions of people and other inanimate objects as well. : )

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