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Good Friends..

DAY 91

I just realized today is the last day of March and I haven’t even gotten my April Fool’s ideas together! Oh well, next year!

I had such a great day! So many funny moments, time readjustments, new adventures, initial meetings, people watching, good food, great movie (book is still better!), gorgeous sunset, more clouds, and a new friend – I went back and bought the owl bottle opener. Come to find out – there is a phrase engraved on the back – “Good friends drink alike.” She’s so cute! I don’t know how much she’ll be used, but she’s just another great owl accessory in my life! Today was everything I had been looking forward to – I got to sleep, spend time with great friends, and finally see the movie I’ve been so looking forward to! (The Hunger Games)

Song I love from the soundtrack – Come Away to the Water – Maroon 5, ft Rozzi Crane

A lot of the photo credit also goes to B. Thanks chick!

I am thankful for: days like this.




Who’s There..

DAY 90

“You is smart. You is kind. You is important.” – The Help

Good Friday! Shopping, Chai, a vineyard, straight hair, rain, Panera, H – the awesome 2 year old, & The Hunger Games Soundtrack! All day I was finding owls! And more clouds. : )

This song was on the radio today & I forgot how much I liked it!

I think I’m too excited for tomorrow to give a great re-cap of today. Tomorrow I get to see The Hunger Games, 2 of my good friends are meeting (yay!), I get to have this pizza I’ve been craving, and I get to visit my favoritest cafe!

As for tonight, it’s 1 am and I’m going to see how much of The Help I can watch!

I am thankful for: remaining in the memories of others.


Owl bottle opener! I think I'll always love you, friend.

I want these PJs for my 21st! Just because.

Take Notice..

DAY 89

“If it seems that the tides have turned against you, sail on.” -from Pinocchio

Things to make note of today..

* I have passed Kinesiology II with an A! Added bonus? I don’t have to take the final exam!! 1 down; 3 to go.

* Attention everyone – tomorrow I get to sleep in!!

* This weekend is going to be one of the best of this year – I can feel it!

* The sunset this afternoon was gorgeous, but I was driving plus didn’t have Baby with me in the no picture. But the moment was amazing.

* A good friend has started blogging about her vegan experience; check it out! I know I will be! I could use some vegetarian/vegan ideas!

* I made my first Starbucks run in a few months today for some of the girls in class. And then on the drive home, an Adele song was on when I passed my old store. Memories. It’s still strange to think of my store not being open. Smoothie King surely does appreciate it!

* It is officially 1 month until my birthday! However, today has thoroughly convinced me that I will be the last to realize that it’s my birthday. Keep up the great countdown work everyone!

I am thankful for: the feeling I get when I pass a class.


Wistfully Yours..

DAY 88

Short post tonight. : ) Finals & projects will be done by next week & I will return to normal!

I was re-introduced to this song it! Give it a listen.

Pretty day today! A bit chilly at first, but the afternoon was simply perfection!

And the title – don’t worry! I’m only wishing for sleep. Nobody panic!

I am thankful for: my camera.




Above & Beyond..

DAY 87

My agenda was full (is still full – pulling an all-nighter!) all day, but I was able to enjoy the gorgeous weather and accomplish a lot! Being that classes are almost over for this quarter, projects and finals are underway. I don’t have many brain or energy cells left, so I will bid you a good night and thank you for stopping by!

I am thankful for: possessing a little creativity : )



Moonlight & Flowers..

DAY 86

Gorgeous day! Fun play time outside. Field trip for dinner. Aced an exam (thank you!). Projects getting final touches. Yoga. And the coolest picture I’ve taken thus far of the moon.

I heard this song on the way home & liked it! Thought I’d share it – Lights by Ellie Goulding.

I am thankful for: today.



Bracelets & Bones..

DAY 85

I’ve been hitting the books all day! Project finalizations, studying for finals, completing last homework assignments. It’s been a very productive day! I even got a smoothie, cookie dough, and a birthday present from one of my favorite clothing stores [that I rarely visit because they are a bit pricey] – Anthropologie! I have a discount card and this awesome bracelet/watch that says “Me Time”. I will be wearing this as much during the month of April as possible!

Throughout the day I’ve been listening to music. Mat Kearney, Foster the People, and Maroon 5 mostly. Hence the photo of the headphones. : ) I’ve included pictures of my awesome skeleton drawings as well!

I am thankful for: tonight’s premiere of Mad Men! 40 minutes away.