Saturday Sightings..

DAY 63

A great thing happened today. I wasn’t feeling so hot last night, but that changed this morning! I cannot adequately express how glad I am that things turned around today. But that was not the great thing. I had the chance to see a few of my favorite peeps. And I was able to drive around quite a bit and complete some much-needed errand running. On my way home the great thing happened – I spotted a little girl with fluffy curly hair in a pink tutu and matching skirt chasing geese. It was awesome. There was also a man who was having a very serious conversation with himself walking down the road not too long after that.

Earlier in the day, I saw that the creek that runs past the end of the street I live on was flooded, which it usually does when it rains. I had the chance to snap a few pictures before running my errands.

And then tonight, I got to hang out with M! Cat in the Hat, Wizard of Oz, & picnic dinner! I took my camera with me so she could play around with it. She took a picture of me while I was talking with her parents. Kids : )

Tonight I’m beginning to read The Arabian Nights, which has been on the bookshelf for quite a while. And tomorrow I’m venturing out in Umstead Park in search of a trail, bridge, sign, then boulder. I’ll let you know how it goes! I’m also planning to discover what Southern Season is all about.

I am thankful for: rainy days & time spent driving.




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