Tours & Trails..

DAY 64

I can check 1.5 things of my list!
1. See what Southern Season is all about
2. Boulder hunting at W.B. Umstead Park

My first stop was Southern Season. I’ve been hearing about this place for the longest time! And even with all the stories, hints, and fun facts, I was not prepared for what that store had to offer! To say it’s gigantic would still be an understatement. On top of the vastness of the store, the employees were extremely friendly & helpful! I think I’ve found a new favorite place! I ended up picking up a Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt Caramel Bar. It is amazing!

Umstead park was the break from reality I’ve been in need of for a few weeks. It was so nice to get out in nature and lose myself for a bit. My goal was to find this place by the river with boulders, but I wasn’t meant to find them today (which is ok!). Instead, I hiked through mud for a little over an hour, passed many couples & friends out walking their dogs, as well as a father and his 3 boys in search of the airport overlook (that’s on the list now). I may not have found the river, but I did find a little stream with a hunk of quartz big enough to sit on. I’m already working on my next trip!

In other news, Army Wives returns tonight! And Mad Men will reappear in just a few weeks!

I am thankful for: long walks, new discoveries, & sweet returns!





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