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DAY 67

3 words that I think may change my life: hot. stone. massage. Yes! We began to learn the practice today and boy, oh boy am I in heaven! Last week, my instructor showed us a display board she’d created that broke hot stone massage into the Earth & Fire elements. Being that I am both a Taurus and Pitta (Ayurvedic dosha), I was excited from the get-go. Taurus is an earth sign and Pitta is associated with the element of fire. I cannot wait to begin to incorporate this modality into my practice massages!

It was a lovely day! M & I spent a pretty good amount of time outside today before the pest guy showed up & we had to relocate. He even wanted to help me take a picture today! Photo credit for the leaf picture – M.

In other news, I arrived at school early to prep for a quiz. I laid down on one of the tables (the best thing about being in massage school is the fact that you have “desks” that are actually memory foam padded massage tables), practiced terms for our quiz with a couple classmates, and sat up only to find a goose rather close to the window staring me down. So I took a picture. : )

The final picture is of a toy baseball – so ready for summer!!

Also, Barnes & Noble sent an email today with a suggested book for those readers who enjoyed The Hunger Games. I looked over the synopsis, downloaded the sample, and ended up liking it well enough to buy. The title – Divergent. I’ll get back to you on my book review! If you haven’t read The Hunger Gamesdo it!!

I am thankful for: volcanic lava that turns into the basalt stones used in hot stone therapy.



    • Lisa Meltzer
    • March 9th, 2012

    You need to graduate so I can support your business. I’m a mess.

    • We need to chit chat..I need to figure out if you could be a hot stone massage candidate. I think you’d love it!

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