Lost Valley..

DAY 69

For a few days now, I haven’t felt very “connected” or “grounded”. That is, until today around 5pm. J and I had another study sesh-turned Raleigh adventure time! Today’s places of adventure included: Nature’s Pure Essentials, The Dancing Moon Bookstore, & a courtyard at NC State. I have nothing but amazing things to say about my time in Raleigh.

First off..Nature’s Pure Essentials. I was suffering from a migraine for over a day. Part of my time spent in the store, Sue took time to do a test of sorts. She had me sit down with a jar of coffee beans and gave me 4 scent-tester sticks (like the ones for perfumes and colognes). She said that I’d need to rank the scents from most to least favorite (didn’t tell me what the scents were). Easy enough! I liked Stress Relief the most, Headache Relief next, then Migraine, and lastly Relax. So, my results (in decoded form) indicated that my migraines are a result of stress. I sniffed that bad boy until we left the store. I left with no migraine! She also let me take pictures of the store! I was super excited about this. Really..I was dancing. She also told me about a donation fund she started up in her husband’s name for families who struggle to pay the parking fees at UNC Hospital when visiting and staying with loved ones who are suffering from cancer. I thought that was the greatest thing ever! J & I both left the store feeling amazing! Needless to say, I will be returning!

The Dancing Moon Bookstore was fun also! The staff wasn’t as interactive, but it was also close to closing time, so I’m sure they were just looking forward to going home. There were rows upon rows of gemstones (with descriptions), books, CDs, candles, essential oils, little nick nacks, ooh and a Fluorite Buddha that I desperately want to go back and get! He was so cute! I ended up getting the following gemstones: Amber, Rose Quartz, Blue Topaz, Fluorite, and Moonstone. J got a beautiful Ocean Jasper heart stone and a few other things, but that was my favorite!

J & I then went on a brisk and chilly stroll around some of Raleigh’s downtown area. We toured a courtyard at NC State, found an awesome color-changing window display, and plenty of other photo ops! All of which were documented. Enjoy scrolling through our random adventure night part II!

I should also explain the title..we passed a street called Lost Valley on the way home and I decided it was fitting, since we’d both been feeling “lost” for a few days. Not after tonight!

I am thankful for: new discoveries, passionate people, & happy time.


**pictures are in no specific order tonight – there are many!

Me + Caution Tape

My moto in life pretty much!

It’s electric!

J picked this out all by herself! This pose was too good to miss out on

LOVE this house..

Rainbow, for J.

Another rainbow spotting

Rialto Theatre

J + smiley concrete face = priceless

Look at all the cute piggies!

“Fluid and flowing like water, crystal clear directly to the soul.”

    • Jeanie
    • March 10th, 2012

    I LOVE every single picture. I finally feel grounded and alive. 🙂 Thank you.

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