Re-Igntd & It Feels So Good..

DAY 70

So the song actually goes “reunited and it feels so good”, but you get it! I now have B on the hunt for license plates (as well as a few others). You could call it a new challenge, favorite past-time, obsession? Nonetheless, we found one today which read “Igntd” – we’re guessing it means ignited. And thus it became a part of this post’s title.

I spent the better/best part of my day with B! It’s been one month and one week since we’ve seen each other, so this was a much-needed happening. Key places we visited: Crabtree Valley Mall (Lush, Arhaus Furniture, Forever XXI), Qdoba, Lake Johnson, YoPop Frozen Yogurt, Marshall’s, World Market, Panera Bread.

Crabtree Valley Mall..first stop was Lush! Love that place, even though I’ve only been in twice. Today’s mission – find lotion. Mission: accomplished. I found [& fell in love with] Karma Kream. I also discovered some neat tips about hair products they carry. For instance, anything minty helps stimulate hair growth! I’ll be returning! And then we found the mother load – Arhaus Furniture. Oh. My. Goodpeople. We did NOT want to leave this store. Room after unimaginable room creation greeted us with a different comforting and welcoming design. Check out the website, or if you can, check out the store! We hit up Forever XXI last. And both found slouchy tees! Love that store.

Qdoba = lunch time! We were both starving [& apparently had been for a few hours haha]. If you’ve never been, it’s sort of like a Chipotle-style restaurant, but the upside is that there is a Qdoba way closer to my school.

Lake Johnson..I finally made it to the rocking chairs! B & I also discovered a boardwalk-type crossing, which meant photoshoot time! We then had chill time in the rocking chairs, which we plan to be occupying in about 60 years. Lastly, we took a stroll down one of the trails. We found a swing, picnic area, and many benches. There were so many runners and couples and dogs. Oh! And there are paddle boats! (Yes, mommy, we will go sometime!) We split credit for the Lake pics! B is turning out to be quite the photographer!

So YoPop..B & I have a tradition of visiting Sweet Frog for frozen yogurt everytime we have a B&B day. That was a bit out of the way, so we hopped on over to YoPop instead. Great place! And great froyo! B had coffee and vanilla. I got coffee, coconut, & pomegranate. Wild, but tasted great!

Marshall’s & World Market were such a fun field trip stops! Marshall’s brought about the discovery we named Hide N Seek. My new owl friend, many thanks to B!! At World Market, we found such pretty & inspiring works of art, tons of food that reminded B of childhood, scarves galore, a fedora hat that I want, & an endless amount of owl and elephant nick nacks.

Panera was the final stop of our expedition. We both had a soy chai latte. Sat outside and chatted it up for a while. As B said, we took time out to be one with nature today. : ) It was nice! And I think we both needed it.

Check out a new favorite song, thanks to B! Neon Trees – Everybody Talks.

I hope you all had a great Saturday!

I am thankful for: sharing random moments.



  1. I am jealous of B!!! :p We need a B & M day PRONTO! Or M & B because the other way around sounds weird! lol

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