The Winged Brick Lake..

DAY 76

No. There is no winged brick lake, but I got your attention!

I was given an unexpected day off! What did I do? Spend some quality time with my car and camera, of course!

First stop: Observation Park at RDU. I’d never been here before. Had not even the slightest clue as to its existence. I will be visiting this place often though. Very nice viewing area and even a play area for kids!

Next up: Lake Crabtree. One of the places I love to visit in the area. I parked in one of the back parking lots and walked down to the lake. There was a lovely dock that was calling my name. I walked down and sat on it – I was basically sitting on the lake!

Last call: American Tobacco District – Downtown Durham. This place ranks very high up on my list of favorite areas in Durham. The best part? The water feature toward the back – there is also a train car and seating areas. I parked myself on a brick wall by the waterfall area for quite a while. It’s lovely how the sound of the water crashing down drowns out everything else.

I am thankful for: free time & short roadtrips.



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