In The Gardens..

DAY 83

I have finally visited Duke Gardens! I’ve been to the property twice before, but I wasn’t able to enter the gate either time. My first visit was for Junior Prom photos, which ended up being shot outside (what I now know is the visitor’s center/gift shop area). That was a frigid night, but my dress was gorgeous! The second occasion was a Biology class field trip. We did go into the woods on a specific guided tour trail for educational purposes, but didn’t have enough time to explore anything else.

I was able to see 2 bridges, the fountain, and a lake. M and my mom were with me as well. We had a fun, but tiring day! I will definitely be returning with Baby soon!

The last picture is of one of M’s toy trains. He saw the big camera and wanted to play with it, so I focused on different objects and he pushed the button! Too fun!

Tonight, I went to see 21 Jump Street with my brother. Very funny movie, but passing The Hunger Games waiting line was a little sad. I’ll see you next week, my friend! As for tonight, I am watching a movie that has been in my Netflix queue for some time now – Waiting for Forever. 

I am thankful for: the showers that wash the pollen away! And spending time with my bro!


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