Take Notice..

DAY 89

“If it seems that the tides have turned against you, sail on.” -from Pinocchio

Things to make note of today..

* I have passed Kinesiology II with an A! Added bonus? I don’t have to take the final exam!! 1 down; 3 to go.

* Attention everyone – tomorrow I get to sleep in!!

* This weekend is going to be one of the best of this year – I can feel it!

* The sunset this afternoon was gorgeous, but I was driving plus didn’t have Baby with me in the car..so no picture. But the moment was amazing.

* A good friend has started blogging about her vegan experience; check it out! I know I will be! I could use some vegetarian/vegan ideas! http://loveyourvegetables.blogspot.com/?spref=fb

* I made my first Starbucks run in a few months today for some of the girls in class. And then on the drive home, an Adele song was on when I passed my old store. Memories. It’s still strange to think of my store not being open. Smoothie King surely does appreciate it!

* It is officially 1 month until my birthday! However, today has thoroughly convinced me that I will be the last to realize that it’s my birthday. Keep up the great countdown work everyone!

I am thankful for: the feeling I get when I pass a class.


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