DAY 95

Finished with finals for this quarter! Four classes, four A’s!!

Despite the two of us making for an ouchy, eww!, blah, and icky pair today, M and I had fun! We walked around outside, I freaked myself out with the little Jeep cars for kids (I never had one, so I think that was the problem), played with bubbles, read, did puzzles, colored. You name it pretty much, and it was done.

After my final, I picked up dinner from mom, used the back roads to avoid traffic on 40 & ended up at Lake Crabtree again : ), took some sunset pictures, headed off to Target. Then I came home and captured the moon! I was snapping from sunrise to sunset!

On an unrelated note – One Tree Hill just ended. Bittersweet. The ending was done very well, I think. 9 years. Crazy.

Also random – I did yoga last night! I’ve missed it. I am sore, but who cares? I feel great! And tonight, I painted my nails a new color. Finally! I always look forward to being able to polish my nails when classes are out. The color? A Crewed Interest. And finally..my dog, Jac, has recently become afraid of thunderstorms. Today when he started to whine, I had a thought – would a “friend” help? So I found an old smaller-than-Jac-size Teddy Bear and put it in his kennel. Reports confirm that this “friend” helped him and he didn’t whine anymore.

I am thankful for: time to run errands and exercise!


  1. You need to look up that Thundershirt company near the Bulls stadium that makes shirts for dogs who are scared of thunderstorms!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I forgot that place! See what happens when I don’t make notes in my phone or on Post-its? Not good..haha! The Teddy Bear really is working though.

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