Oh My Lady Gaga..

DAY 96

First day of break – successful! I got to hang out with two awesome kids, J & R. The title of the post is actually the phrase of the day! J made a replica of the Titanic. J & R both wanted to use the EOS camera, so I showed them how to focus it. A few hundred clicks later it was lunch time! They took some great pictures though! I also saw the first part of Puss in Boots. Hilarious!

Update – Jac is still loving his new friend. Teddy may have found a new home! I’ll try to get pictures soon!

Look what I just found! A blog post by Citizens for Optimism. Check it..
And this one!
This one is for you, mom..
Love this!
I think I’ve shared this before, but here we go again! Public bucket list..
Keep calm &..
Sidewalk Thoughts

I am thankful for: my first free Thursday night in a long time!


    • Geno
    • April 6th, 2012

    Thank you for the pics. Thank you for the cheer. Thank you for the links–citizens for optimism–oh, my Lady Gaga! I’m going to return to several of these sites often but especially C for Opt. Have a great weekend, Camera Girl!

  1. Thanks, Gene! I’m glad you enjoyed the links! I kept browsing that blog for hours! It’s addictive.

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