Just Bananas..

DAY 108

..and Green Beans, Hot Fudge, & all things random. Have you ever noticed the names of crayons? They are out-of-this-world crazy hilarious! And it’s even better when you combine them! No, really. Check this out – Pumpkin + Undersea Blue = Blue Pumpkin; Starry Night + Grey Squirrel = Starry Squirrel. So I’m working on the exact science of this, but you can now see the humor. : )

Beautiful day today! It’s warming up! Bubbles and baseball were the biggest hits of the day with M. Oh, and I cannot forget Spiderman!

In other news, my 4th quarter of school began tonight! I’ve missed my commute to and from school. Energy was first up – we got to watch a pretty neat movie basically about opening your mind to a myriad of possibilities.

I am thankful for:  being open to & accepting of new ideas.



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