DAY 111

If I had to sum up my day, I would say “fabolous”! And here’s why (because I know you know you wanna know!)..

* I am now CPR certified! Thanks to the lovely and very kind, S, I had the opportunity to take the course this morning. We were told we were a great class! And the instructor was very helpful. CPR isn’t required for massage therapists, which is a tad crazy in my opinion. I’m just sayin’.
* I got to hang with M for the better part of the day! I love that kid. All the kids I get to spend time with – I don’t even refer to nannying/babysitting as a job. I couldn’t ask for anything better!
* Dinner! Let me just preface this by saying, I have different tastes. Haha! I had sushi (I’ve been craving it all week) & a chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting – real bits of strawberry and a strawberry half on top (best creation EVER)! Both were from Whole Foods. I love that place. The crazy people in the parking lot I could take or leave.
* I rented the movie 50/50. I meant to see it when it was in theaters, but time wasn’t on my side. [Ha! Time is on My Side  just played in my mind.] Opinion of the movie – I liked it! I could have done without a lot of the dirty jokes that were made, but they seem to appear in many movies.

I recently read in an article about my sign – Taurus – that Friday is supposed to be the best day of the week for me. I do think you were telling the truth, dear author.

I am thankful for: Fridays!


  1. CPR- cool! I am going to take that class soon. Sorry I couldn’t join you for dinner! :p And I totally have those Chinese meditation balls in your previous post! I love using them at random times! 🙂

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