Colorful Moments..

DAY 116

“We are all part of something bigger, and we are all part of it together.”
– Post Secret

The sunrise this morning – gorgeous. The sky literally could have been split into 4 sections: sunrise, dark & overcast, brilliant blue sky with clouds, & a rainbow!

The sunset was equally as astounding! Luckily, I was out of class in time to watch it play out across the sky on my way home. My car and I have been privy to some lovely moments in nature.

I was driving and, therefore, unable to capture both of these moments. The experience and opportunity to watch them was enough for me! But I love when I’m able to share. I, instead, created another colorful photo – Brads collected in a fused glass dish I made last year.

I am thankful for: the gorgeous sunrises & sunsets I’m able to watch.


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