On A Sunny Sunday..

DAY 120

I finally spent time with the bro today! I think we’ve both been trying to for a while. We went to church at The Summit with M this morning. It was a different kind of service – Q&A session, which I thought was brilliant! I always enjoy my time there.

After that, we headed to Nosh – apparently my new favorite place – for brunch & a game of Scrabble. The food was amazing, as usual!

I was able to catch a bit of Jasmine Star‘s Creative Live session this weekend! I LOVE her. She is so humble, candid, helpful, genuine..I could go on forever. And I haven’t even met the woman. She has such a way of capturing your attention and bringing you into the moment. Making you feel as if you are her best friend, just having a normal, causal chat. Sweet! I’ll be your bestie!

The grand finale of my day was hanging out with H and getting to chat with his parents. I love them.

Special mentions from today: I’d like to give a warm welcome to my new toy – a curling iron! Despite our, um, eventful morning (multiple burn marks), I think we could be great friends! Also, I rode in my brother’s “Stang” for the first time today. I had fun! Black Beauty, I think we could also be friends!

I am thankful for: great days made of great times and conversations had with wonderful people!


Peanut butter + Banana = my new obsession



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