Hanging Around..

DAY 125

Best quote of the night: “That’s why I like to wear this shirt – it hangs around!” My mom. Gotta love her!

First night on the town, some would say. Mom & I had dinner at Bone Fish Grill. We always order their Bang Bang shrimp on Wednesdays, but hadn’t had a sit-down meal there until tonight. Oh my, was it well worth the wait! Thai coconut shrimp for an appetizer, Grilled Talapia with mango salsa, steamed veggies, & complimentary birthday chocolate to go! Our favorite hostess, B, was there as well! What was my first drink, you ask? Ocean Trust Mango Martini – yum! And a part of the price was donated to the Ocean Trust Fund. I thought that was pretty cool. Mom & I met dad at Firebird’s afterward for appetizers (for dad). I had a very nice time. Not the traditional way most 21 year olds celebrate the “coming of age” moment, but definitely my kind of celebration. I love my parents & it was great to have time to sit down and talk with them!

I am thankful for: mommy & daddy time.


A new shirt! I love the button detail! Thanks, N!!

    • Jeanie
    • May 4th, 2012

    Sounds like a great time. I love mommy & daddy moments. Happy Birthday again you beautifully awesome friend.

    ❤ Jeanie

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