Oops, I Edited..

DAY 130

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”
– Marsha Norman

Yes, my name is Brittany and that was my attempt at a B. Spears-inspired blog post title.

So I’m not a huge fan of editing photos. My goal is to perfect my skills with lighting and to learn the technical aspects of my camera. But when I had free time today, I decided to play around with some of the photos I’d taken.

What are some common editing programs used for photography? For fun or for work.

It poured cats & dogs today, but M and I still had a blast! Coloring, singing silly songs, making up games and playing some of the usual, reading.

We learned some very interesting skills in Therapeutic class tonight. We practiced TMJ work (a very common dysfunction of the “jaw joint”). I also stuck around to be the “dummy” for chest, arm, and abdominal work. Heaven, let me tell you. Working only up to the edge of the pain level and then patiently working through it. The results are lovely!

I am thankful for:  fun & knowledgeable people.


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