On A Rainy Monday..

DAY 135

Rain always makes my heart skip a beat (ok, maybe it’s the thunder and lightning that get that job done). I’m always a little happier, take things a little slower, think life’s a little sweeter. I’m the odd-ball that enjoys rainy days, and yes – I’m thoroughly convinced I’d live happily ever after in Seattle. But NC is making it’s case for me to stay this week for sure!

The real downpour waited until an hour before I had to leave M’s and head to school. I noticed the quickening pace of the rain droplets and commented, quite animatedly, “M, I’m going to be stuck in traffic forever!” He promptly displayed his award winning smile & began laughing! And the catch-phrase of the day was born. We were even able to take some pretty pictures today and play outside for a while! After that, there were lots of “exercising” moments and inside games undertaken.

School was pretty great too – we’ve progressed into the therapeutic routine for the chest and arms. And we were allowed to go home early – a fabulous surprise for me on a Monday!

This workout was shared with me last night. And, yes, I tried it out at 11:30pm. It was awesome! Just a few minutes, major burn, and I’m thinking results pretty quickly if I do this a few times a day. I definitely need to kick it up a notch in my core and legs for my future profession. Thanks for sharing, M!

The song that inspired this title – “Rainy Monday” by Shiny Toy Guns

I am thankful for: rainy Mondays.


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