You Still a Veg?..

DAY 137

“There is real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

If you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there’s some way to do it.
–Walt Disney

Wednesday is almost complete – anyone else say “Wed-nes-day” in their mind when writing out the day?

M & I fieldtripped it over to Straw Valley today to meet my mommy. Really – M refers to her as “my mommy”. Pretty cute. I thought it would be a good place for us to go since there is a huge courtyard to run around in. And, boy, did he prove me right! The two of us ran around for a good 35 minutes, at least! At one point (followed by many, many more), M went back to the bamboo garden and said, “What’s that?” “A statue of Buddha.” “Hi, Buddha!”

M‘s mom was kind awesome enough to share a Gigi’s cupcake! I decided I’d finally try to eat it the proper way – you know, turn it upside down and smash it. Oh em gee! I’m going to be sticking to that plan. Totally worth it.

I took some pictures of the sunset on the way home after class. It was so gorgeous! And I could make out little cloud characters, which I’m not usually able to spot.

Today I also discovered that at least 2 more of my friends are also vegetarian! I’ve dubbed us “The Three(gie) Musketeers”, but we’re open to suggestions. Y is compiling a list of helpful tips and resources for B & me. I do my best to eat no meat – aside from the fact that I feel physically ill after eating a meal with a meat dish, I feel like a bad person after eating what once was a living creature. I’ve also been exposed to a bit of research about how eating a whole food, plant-based diet can be much better for your body. (That was all said from a very non-judging part of my soul! I promise. I rarely discuss my eating habits! If you like meat like Joey on Friends, go for it! – I’ve got the image of him eating Rachel’s triffle and saying, “Meat – gooood!”) I wanted to share one of the sites Y let me know about in case anyone else who reads this blog might be interested.

I’m very into Needtobreathe this week. Tonight’s stand out commuting song? “The Heat” – Enjoy!

I am thankful for: big courtyards. And cupcakes.


PS: I, a massage therapy student, have my first legit massage scheduled for tomorrow. I laugh everytime I say that. I cannot believe I’m half way through my program and the only bodywork I’ve received has been practice.

    • S
    • May 17th, 2012

    So when you turn the cupcake upside down does any of the frosting stick to the plate? Also, I do say wed-nes-day in my mind when spelling it. And I love the picture on the highway, it gives me a very nostalgic feeling…

  1. I ate the cupcake with a fork, so I made sure there was no icing left on the plate. Haha! Thank you for the compliment! I wish I’d had my DSLR to take a better picture of the sunset – it was astounding.

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