Coming Back With The Wind..

DAY 166

Love is beautiful. Love is wonderful. Love is everything. Do you agree?
–Ray (Princess and the Frog)

The way you laugh is just the best.

‘Tis a day of national celebrations:

* Flag Day
* Golf Day
* Strawberry Shortcake Day (yes, I am serious!)

And quite a windy one at that! (Hence the name, which was also a quote from one of the kids today as they were playing in the sprinklers with water guns.) Field trips today included: Durham County’s Southwest Library Branch & The Scrap Exchange. I registered for a new library card! And felt just like Matilda. [Haven’t the slightest what I’m referring to? Check out the trailer:]  At my first visit to the Scrap Exchange, I picked up a couple of adorable postcards! (The owl and squirrel pictured.) The afternoon brought about the sprinkler/water gun event. With intermittent sprinkles of rain. It was so totally awesome!

Post-babysitting ventures included Pomegranate Kitchen, the wide open road, & browsing Twitter updates. When I pulled up to Pom Kitchen, Mally (I believe) was gardening! She is such a sweetheart! So very passionate and caring, encouraging, and dedicated. Visits to the Kitchen always involve lots of conversation! This time, also involved a gift of kindness, which meant more to me than I think Mally truly knows. She gave me her last copy of the Independent Weekly publication entitled, “Eats”. I’ve seriously been browsing through the one at the house where I babysit each morning this week. Making mental notes and hoping I’d find my own booklet by some stroke of grace. Insert my roadtrip to Pom Kitchen! [Eats is a valuable resource about great places to eat and drink around the triangle. This is the link for the online version.] Ok, so now for the fun part – the food! All dishes are vegetarian (score!) and all are totally delicious! My choices: Jewel Basmati Rice & Pomegranate and Walnut Stew. OMG! Loved it! I even picked up fro-yo from Menchie’s: Strawberry & Georgia Peach. Yum! Dinner was followed by Jac’s afternoon walk. We spotted many flowers on the trail, & I thankfully remembered to take Baby with us. The clouds were gorgeous today. I was so captivated by them, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture today.

A random interesting find (for a massage therapy student): an article about 16 signs your massage therapist is looking for. Hopefully the article will help you bring awareness to any areas where your own body may feel out-of-whack a bit.

Remember the Titans was on tonight! I still remember the first time I watched the movie – Mrs. Ruble’s 4th grade class. I remember exactly who suggested the movie, where I sat, trying to pick a character for each classmate, & memorizing every line of the movie. One of my favorite movies ever. “Left side, strong side!”

Check out Tamara Lackey’s newest Creative Live courses that are set up for July – Work. Life. Balance. (the intro video alone is enough to want to give this woman gold stars for the rest of her life & ask her to spill her secrets) & Sales, Sales, Sales. The Comprehensive Course (I’m no where near the point of  charging for photography, but I’m soaking up as much info as I possibly can, especially from TL!).

And while your out browsing the interwebs, look into @ThisShirtHelps []. A great program where you buy a shirt & choose a cause to benefit from that purchase!

I am thankful for: 3.5 day weekends. Plans with great people. Best friends. Family. Good conversation. And clouds.




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