Oh The Places You’ll Go..

DAY 168

Thanks for that wonderful story, Dr. Seuss! One of my favorites for sure. Check out the video of the poem done at Burning Man..

“Intention is everything”
– Amanda de Cadenet  

It’s only early afternoon, yet I’ve done so much already! [I love days like that.] The places I’ve gone today [so far]:

* Starbucks
Where I saw a few of my dearest friends/customers from back in the day [aka: just a year or so ago]. As well as a former co-worker/friend! Things like that are what I miss about being an Sbux barista. Miss you peeps!

* Durham Farmer’s Market
I bought peaches & cranberry bread. Yum! I saw a couple of the food trucks I’ve been hearing about and wanting to try – Cafe Prost & Pie Pushers. There was even a craft market that I had no clue about! And a chili cook-off. Many things were happening in Durham Central Park this morning!

* Main St & beyond
Mom, S, & I passed by several places that have been on our radar. Now we finally know where: Beyu Cafe, Pinhook, Bull McCabe’s, & Toast are!

* Dolly’s Vintage
The cutest little vintage shop! They have all sorts of clothing items & little nick knacks. I picked up a neat little change purse with a bird that reads “Free Hugs!”

* Parker & Otis
Lunch was served at this awesome place! I love stopping by this downtown gem, but this was the first time I’ve had a sit-down meal here. I had the #14 – a tomato, avocado, & white bean spread sandwich with fruit salad – I think angels were singing. I also snagged a dark chocolate sea salt  caramel chocolate bar & beeswax lip balm, not to mention I toured the store area about 3 times. There’s just so many neat little things there!

I’m hoping to have a chance to stop by NOFO & Nature’s Pure Essentials before the day is over.

I am thankful for: time to tour downtown & spend time with good peeps.



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