I Don’t Want To Touch Your Donut..

DAY 175

Durham Bulls game memorable quote from the small child beside us:
“Hey, I got a ball! I got it from Jesus.”

“Sprinted up 3 flights of stairs only to beat the guy on the elevator. Something’s wrong with this picture… #iworkout ;)”
– Meredith

Durham Farmer’s Market:
M & I visited the market this morning! We had such a great time. Even bought flowers for ourselves (her idea)! There were so many great vendors out. I finally made a purchase from Monuts Donuts! I’ve been stalking their trike for a while now, but always arrive just after the last sale. Ha! I won this time, peeps. I bought one dozen vegan donuts (half blackberry mojito, half whiskey lemon glazed) and bought an earl grey chocolate donut to go. They were amazing! If you’re in the Triangle, you should stalk them too!

After we toured the Farmer’s Market, we strolled the short distance to Daisy Cakes. I’ve been wanting to visit this little gem for a while as well. It was well worth the wait! M & I both got iced coffee and Greek yogurt parfaits. They were so yummy! I got a (free!) cupcake to go. Thanks guys! It was delicious!!

When we were leaving the market, I noticed a sign for Yoga in the Park, which made a great deal of sense having seen a rather large group of people gathered up on a hill practicing yoga behind the market. It was great to see! I’m still pretty chicken to try a class & make a fool of myself, but I’d really like to give it a shot.

As I mentioned yesterday, I found a great smoothie recipe, but discovered my blender was broken. I left the fruit frozen until I was taught how to put together and use the juicer today. It turned out great!

Durham Bulls Game:
After spending a few hours apart to complete other tasks, M & I reconvened for the Bulls game. Front row seats, right next to the dugout!  You have to admit, that’s pretty cool! On our way to the game, we picked up Noodles & Co. and proceeded to scarf it down in the parking garage. I literally mean scarf it down. It was serious business people.

Once in the game, there was dancing, a few little league teams that joined us in the empty seats, and quite a few hilarious moments from them. It was a great game! And a fun night! M & I stopped for photo opps all day, but I think the most fun was had after the game, walking back to the car. We sat in a “No Parking Zone”. Oops!

My proudest moment all day: figuring out the name of this song. I’ve been obsessed with it recently! Owl City + Carly Rae Jepsen song – Good Time.

I am thankful for: great quotes.


Got my oil changed & car washed! Thanks, bro!


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