Big Anime Eyes..

DAY 187

“You can’t help anyone until you help yourself first.” – Tara Stiles

“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.” – E. Joseph Cossman

Yoga in the morning. And an afternoon jog. I love exercising!

In between, there was errand running, picture taking, & good conversations.


Thursday Funnies included:

* A guy wearing a “I ❤ my GF” – The adult version of the kiddie leashes perhaps?

* The word “blavatar” – Meaning? The avatar image used for my blog. [Side note: I changed mine & I can fly now!]

* “Why does she want him to call her Maybe? Carly is a lovely name.” – Adam Levine


Thursday Seriousness included:

* Have a look-see at these photos which break down the moves of gymnasts.

* And now check out the formation of a face in the womb.

* OMG! I have hit a photog gold mine! Photojojo is a site featuring all sorts of photography goodies! (there are even Polaroid cameras on here people!!)

* The nerd in me loves this next each state got its name!


And with is the story behind the photos – I took Jac with me on my jog this afternoon (with walking, water, & potty breaks – for one of us) & documented below are his feelings about the event. He’s such a trooper!

I am thankful for: running shoes, watches, yoga mats, & youtube videos.


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