Clicks & Giggles..

DAY 188

Roadtrip! The family hit the road today. We were Tennessee bound. Pigeon Forge has always been a vacation spot we remember fondly.

My first stop of the day was REX for my second platelet donation. I always have so much fun visiting those ladies!

When it came to travel time, I was snapping away. In the car. At the restaurant. Even at rest stops. Yep, traveling with me is all clicks & giggles!

The first part of the trip, I read bits of a few books & took a few notes. Later on, mom & I started humming theme songs to older TV shows! The Internet helped us figure out a few! There was quite a nit of traffic on the way in town, but that just gave me more photo opps. After a grocery store run, we gathered around to play 21. We were all getting great hand, after even greater hand! Once we figured out why (we were playing with a Pinochle deck), the game seemed even funnier.

I am thankful for: Roadtrips.












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