Somewhere In My Mind..

DAY 191

“The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days.” – Lao Tzu

“GET OVER IT!!! The person who stands in the way of making your dreams a reality is no one by yourself.” – Jasmine Star

There really could not have been a better post for me to read by Jasmine Star today. Though I’m no where near her “level” of photography, I feel I can relate to her in so many ways. We write short sentences, make up words, are scared of both failure & success, and need to stop standing in our own way sometimes.

I had my clinic orientation tonight – I’ll be beginning clinic rotations at our school’s spa starting this weekend. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for months! I mean, one really can’t help but to prepare one’s self for a few quarters for clinic. Instructors & students alike are sharing stories, giving advice, mentioning to pay attention to this or that before you get to clinic for months in advance. It’s nice. Sort of helps to get your head in the game early. With that said, I know all my mental preparation will go out of the window for the first day of clinic. It’s just how I roll – I mentally prep, gather all info and practice needed, and then enter the situation with quite a few nerves. I feel like I’ve learned to harness the nervous energy and power it for better use, but nerves still happen.

The joining factor between what Jasmine had to say and my babbling about starting clinic soon is this – I am going to focus on not being in my own way. Pertaining to massage therapy, photography, and anything else in my life. I need to give myself a bit more credit sometimes than I do. I’m learning that, but it’s strange how it’s taking time to “learn to be selfish” (for lack of a better phrase). Selfish might be the wrong word – maybe more like self-aware, self-caring, understanding that it’s important to sometimes put me first, for the sake of better performance.

In otha news – check out this lovely little video Tara Stiles put together for her Week 2 – Core Weight Loss Yoga, which is really good for anytime. Who couldn’t use a little tummy tightening routine in their day?!

I am thankful for: air conditioning.


PS: Huge thank you to everyone who follows my crazy monologues & amature photography : )

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