Faster Than A Speeding Snail..

DAY 199

“The more we give love, the greater our capacity to do so.” – Dr. David Hawkins

“You can’t have the fruits without the roots.” – Stephen Covey

Yep, ripped that title right out of the kid quotes of the day! A trip to AC Moore, followed by lots of craftiness pretty much sums up Tuesday. I don’t know if it’s just me & the way I seem to find hidden meanings in otherwise simple & ordinary things, but it happened again today. With all of the art projects going on, a few “life lessons” stood out.

The snail – the title [quote from the kid] was what caught my attention. It was a hilariously random reminder to continue to enjoy the little things. Take my time. Soak up the goodness that’s going on in my life this year. I do my darnedest to make sure I do, but who couldn’t afford to focus on the happy more in their lives, right?

The footprint – was one in a pack of stickers we picked up today. J decided to take them and make a sort of path on a piece of cardboard. He cut off the ends of a few of the pieces to make it look as if someone was continuing to walk off the cardboard. I took two of the cut off pieces and made a new foot and placed it on my iPad cover. I immediately thought of the Rascal Flatts song “Bless the Broken Road”. I’ve managed to make it to a pretty amazing year in my life. I honestly couldn’t be happier! I feel as if I’m on the right path, surrounded by the best people, & I have lots of happy in my heart!

Two blog posts I love from today [any day, really]..

Jasmine Star – Getting Your Hands Dirty – Doing whatcha gotta do for your dreams.

Cole Gorman – Blest-er  – An engagement story!


Ooh! I met this band last year & am delighted to say..

Milo Greene released their debut album today!!! Have a listen..


I am thankful for: crafty life lesson time.


PS: I earned nanny/babysitter points today with my suggestion to make Angry Birds characters out of Wikki Stix. Oh yeah!


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