Maybe Means There’s A Chance..

DAY 200

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” – Deepak Chopra

today’s challenge: find the ease. whether the day is simple, or trying, find the ease and watch your world open up! – Tara Stiles

My total obsession today (once I was home) was the creative live course hosted by Tamara Lackey. This woman is a genius! I kid you not. I only watched like 20 minutes total of the course and I already have 3 new apps and know how to better use at least 3 of them!

A couple of my new favs:

Evernote – manages like everything!

30/30 – manages your time spent on tasks

Also, I learned I need more open spaces in my physical living space as it promotes the “possibilities” in my life! Crazy cool concept, right?!

Before I launched (and nearly lost myself, in a good way) in Tamara’s workshop, I spent the day with J&R. We ventured out to the library & the Museum of Life & Science! At least for a few hours before it started thundering. We had a blast! I think they especially enjoyed the mist area of Catch the Wind.

I am thankful for: mist areas and fountains on hot days!


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