Squat Like A Chicken..

DAY 224

“There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” ~ Ansel Adams

“I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, a few of which actually happened.” – Mark Twain

Another clinic day! I had great experiences that I can now add to my massage learning process. Met some great people, including one Cynthia Loving from Loving Scents! My teacher has talked about her for the longest time and it was a pleasure to finally meet her! And of course buy things! I think my neatest purchase was that of a necklace made in Taiwan by disabled women. It is gorgeous! Just look at the picture!

Also today, I finally listened to all of Alex Clare’s album – LOVE!!! Thanks, M!

Oh, so the title..I was describing my day to my mom and said something along the lines of “Yeah, I spent the whole day squatting like a chicken. But chickens don’t squat, do they?”

I am thankful for: aromatherapy.


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