Those September Days..

sometimes it’s worth getting lost to see who will come looking for us. ~ robert brault ..via @TamaraLackey

“Anything is achievable. Be positive, be enthusiastic, and project confidence.” – Sarah Doukas

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” ~Buddha

“Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale.” – Frank McCourt

Allow me to begin this post about September with a song entitled, “September” by a musical group you may know – Earth Wind & Fire. Thank happy goodness I was in Aromatherapy (maybe?) at the time. Regardless of the class name, my classmates helped me tremendously by thinking of this song title. I happily hummed the melody for the better part of 3 classes and one glorious day, S came to class and told me the name of the song! Here is a youtubed version of the song for your enjoyment..

My excitement and distractedness toward the middle of that month stemmed from one of the happiest events (I’ll venture to say) of my life. Yep, peeps, I said it – “of my life”. I have a valid the month of September, I met one of the greatest men ever. And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s my boyfriend. I’ll avoid getting too mushy on you and tell you of some of the best places we visited my first trip to Maine instead!

Our first date was to see the Portland Head Lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, ME. So pretty! The weather was incredible the first day there and we got some pretty awesome pictures! We also got to see (and walk to) the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. It was a long, but pretty fun walk in the rain mist. We saw tons of lobster buoys and passed a few other couples making the mile long walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse. That same day we met Andre..well, sort of..there is statue of Andre the seal, who was very popular in the ’70’s. Andre spent his summers in Rockport, ME and his winters in Boston, Mass. for over 20 years. We experienced a bit of Camden that same day – a town we plan to visit again for sure! We made the drive up to the park there which overlooks the bay only to be greeted by fog. Not to worry – it cleared! There were so many new discoveries and memorable places. Stay tuned for more!!

Honorable mentions:
**the grasshopper M and I found in his backyard – little dude was staring at me from behind the flower! Simultaneously way cool and way freaky.
**painting days with M – we painted outside – the weather was still pretty awesome, and one day we made an early Halloween craft, courtesy of Pinterest!

I am thankful for: airplanes, Andre, neat towns like Camden, the fog clearing (literally & figuratively), grasshoppers, paint, music, email.











Waterly Love


Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse


Harbored in Yellow



The view as the fog cleared.

The view as the fog cleared.

Walking the breakwater at the Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland, ME. Standing at the lighthouse.

Walking the breakwater at the Breakwater Lighthouse in Rockland, ME. Standing at the lighthouse.

What we dubbed the halfway buoy.

What we dubbed the halfway buoy.





  1. I love that picture of the water + boats! The colors are fabulous in it!

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