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Thoughts From The Mat..

“Locate yourself here.” – Ali (of Bull City Yoga)

The best quote of the week far. Yoga was my much-needed escape this week. Sometimes my escape is running, but this week it was definitely yoga. And the place was Bull City Yoga. With Ali as the instructor. It was a whole hour and fifteen minutes of complete Me Time. Away from worries and stress and concerns and thoughts. It was my break. I hear people tell me all the time how they never get a break. They rarely (if ever) take time out for themselves. One thing massage therapy taught me, and yoga reminded me, is that you have to take time out for you. You’ll burn out and crash if you don’t. So this is one thing I’m going to work my hardest at incorporating in my life. And I’d encourage you to do the same : ) In the long run, it’s an unselfish thing. People love you and need you.

I’m thankful for: Yoga, and class with Ali!


One of my favorite Maine plates, which seems to fit today.

One of my favorite Maine plates, which seems to fit today.

Oh! And peeps ..I found another blog to follow! Courtesy of Ash & Cole Gorman (their site is & the new one is (  This couple is a DJ/photographer duo!! How stinkin’ cool is that?!