Hi, Lady..


Mr Man who lives beneath me (literally. I’d never say that as a derogatory thing) said “Hi, Lady!” and proceeded to jump almost as high as his dog to wave to me. In other news, I’ve thus discovered where the smokey smell has been creeping up from.

I met another tenant who also just moved out of his parents’ home so that was a comforting thing in a way.I think the more connections I make, the better the place will seem. In time, B. In time.

Subject number three! My favorite one! ..How awesome of a girlfriend I am. Allow me to let the photo say it all..Enjoy!


Happy Friday, peeps!



  1. So happy to “see” you again and thrilled that you are still creating images of the world. Love your viewpoint–both the attitude and the photos.

  2. Gene! So good to hear from you! It’s like you have ESP or something – I was just thinking the other day I wonder how you are. I’ve not been as camera-in-hand as I wish I were recently, but hoping that will all change soon as things continue to settle down. Miss seeing you and all the guys!

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