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Crayola to the Rescue..

It all began last weekend. I moved into my first apartment. I’m living on my own. The actual packing and moving and unpacking of things all went well, but the transition was difficult for a couple days. Not to mention the loveliest part of all – dropping my diamond earring down the drain on night 3.

Night three lead to me discovering a way I’d make myself cheer up. I bought Crayola color swirl bathtub crayons and decided to write goofy messages on my shower walls to make me laugh. Then I realized they work on my coffee table! I’ve been writing lists of things to get on that surface. 

After the night 3 debacle and realizations, things became much better. Not necessarily because of those moments but I think things just clicked. I became more comfortable in this strange new place. I realized I’m going to be ok, and not only that, but I’ll love being independent. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long. I’m growing into it. 

I’ll post pictures of the place once things are settled down and not still lingering in boxes. But until then, enjoy the first messages to meself. : )


Happy days!