Face Kisses & Awesomeness..

I’ve been trying to think of something intelligent/substantial/thought provoking to write.

That hasn’t happened, so I’m deciding to just write.

I’ve left facebook once again and plan to remain removed. I’ve had the question why a lot. The short answer is that I feel like I miss the days of no facebook on my brain. I want to be present in my life – I pride myself on that. I want to actually be friends with people who I claim to be friends with or who claim to be so with me. Facebook has become too much of a show for me.

I did keep a souvenir – an internet meme sent to me last week when I was sick. I hope you take it to heart as much as I have. (I threw in a picture of some adorable squirrels too! Ya know, ’cause I love ’em.)

Happy Tuesday!





face kisses

  1. Yayyyy, you found the picture!!! 🙂

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