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Coffee & The Wet Sock Treatment..

DAY 30

Yes, the title must be explained in greater detail. I agree.

Firstly, I love coffee. End of topic one. (Haha) Ok, the whole story behind the mention of coffee today in particular is that my morning adventure sparked something I wanted to write about (if only briefly…. or not so briefly). I went rather early for a coffee run to a local Starbucks and ran into a former customer. I spent 2.5 years with Starbucks. The latter portion of which I grew close to several regular customers. I consider many, well, friends. The store I worked at for the majority of my time with the company was closed in June of 2011. Actually leaving many (both customers & employees alike) saddened and almost a bit heart-broken. Our store wasn’t like any other Starbucks I’ve visited. Ours was homey, welcoming, efficient, a little family of sorts (dysfunctional was our middle name, but we were a family for better or worse). And I never seem to escape endless compliments and well-wishes from loving former customers, many of whom I run into almost weekly. I go to the mall, Target, other coffee shops, restaurants, etc. and there is usually someone who almost doesn’t recognize me because I’m out of uniform. I guess I wanted to take a snippet of  time to thank everyone I met in that store. Many of you are still in my life one way or another, but to those who aren’t & whom I may never see again – Thank you for touching mine in whatever way you did. I truly do consider many of you friends & wish all of you the best.

On a happier (and less somber – my apologies!) note, my teacher alerted me to a hydrotherapy (water therapy) treatment, which uses cold water to help relieve headaches & congestion. She tried it last night and now says she’ll swear by it! The basics: take a cotton (or thin) pair of socks, soak them in ice cold water, wring them out until they are as dry as you can get them, place them on your feet, followed by a second, thicker (preferably wool) pair, go to bed. The chilliness of the cold socks on your feet sends a signal to your immune system that blood & lymph (don’t worry about the details – it’s important for your immune system) are needed in your feet, so it is redirected from your head to your feet. Apparently when you wake up, your socks (both pair) are dry, congestion is gone, headache has poofed. How stinkin’ cool is that?! I’m definitely trying this tonight & will report back tomorrow night!

Also, today I saw deer on my way home from nannying!! There were about 5 of them that darted across a secondary road, right next to a school crossing zone around 3:45 in the afternoon. I love seeing deer anytime of the day, but I think it is so cool to be able to see them in daylight!

Funny story – actually my day consisted of 2, and I’ll share both in the hopes that someone will get a laugh or 2 from my stories.. First thing this morning, my favorite (& oldest) pair of jeans gave way. Ripped. Dead. But there may be hope because the tear left me with enough material to make (what I’m hoping to be) a decent pair of jean shorts!! Then I get to school early to study for a quiz in my first class. Yeah…I  definitely waited outside the wrong classroom (1 door away from where I needed to be) for a good 10-15 minutes, while the clinic supervisor stared at me. Good times!

I am thankful for: Water. Denim. Amazing people. Coffee.




DAY 29

Not much to report from today. The lake idea decided to sleep in, so I did too! My day consisted of homework, upon homework, upon paperwork, upon watching Downton Abbey (I’m now totally obsessed & completely caught up!). If you enjoy period pieces, you should absolutely check it out!

The picture is of the necklace I wear daily. A piece my parents (code for: mom) bought for my 20th birthday. It’s as if she read my mind because she got me exactly what I wanted without me breathing a word of it to her. The necklace is resting on an eye mask (strange, I know, but look at the pretty pattern!) given to me by one of my friends to use in my massage practice (Thanks, T!).

I am thankful for: the silent mode on cell phones.



Belated Present Exchange (Take 1)..

DAY 28

I wasn’t the best present giver Christmas 2011, I’m sad to say. Giving (especially around Christmas time) is one of my most favorite things to do. However, I did manage to create &/or buy for those closest to me, which included my parents, brother, and two friends. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen both friends, but I was fortunately able to meet up and exchange gifts with one friend last night.

I made her a homemade snow globe of sorts. I found the project on one of my most beloved! I spent a few hours gathering and assembling the product, but it was totally worth it! She loves Eeyore  & I think she was happy with it! (I definitely hope so! Poor Eeyore had started to wobble off his glue-base by the time she got him last night : /)

She made me these awesome homemade cards AND an Andrew Heringer CD. So amazing! I LOVE the cards!! She made me like 5 cards!! I’m so taking more pictures of them soon, but I’m sleepy & a bit lazy at the moment. : ) In case you missed my lengthy gushing post about Milo Greene, which Andrew is a part of (they opened for The Civil Wars on their most recent tour), here are a few sites you should totally check out. Like right now. Seriously. Go. For: Dawson & Marie, Andrew Heringer, Milo Greene.

Also, this week has been an interesting showcase of my musical mood preferences. (Nope, that sentence didn’t make much sense to me either, but it’s staying.) First it was Florence & the Machine, then Owl City, and the week wrapped up with NEEDTOBREATHE. Two songs in particular have been on replay in my mind, and are actually a great deal of the inspiration for my 7am trip to Lake Wheeler in the morning. Rather, in about 6 hours. We Could Run Away & Drive All Night. Enjoy! Those pictures will be posted tomorrow night.

I am thankful for: great/amazing/awesome/talented/lasting/meaningful/powerful bands & lives they touch with the songs they create.


PS: {note to self} In the future, refrain from speaking about other children falling out of bed while babysitting..You did this tonight & yet another child fell out of bed mere seconds after the story had been told. (Sorry, M!!)


Rain & The Rat Pack..

DAY 27

: ) Today was awesome! The perfect end to a great week! It rained, I got to hang out with the little awesome dude for a few hours (watch a little “Wadanascar” – translation: Madagascar – & play go hide seek haha), visited Straw Valley with mom, picked up some of the materials to make my own all-natural hand sanitizer (proven to kill the MRSA virus ..yeah!), & see a Rat Pack show at The Carolina Theatre (where I’ll be going to see The Artist very soon)!! I also finally got a chance to exchange belated Christmas presents with a friend! (Those pictures will be posted tomorrow.)

Happy Friday (even though the post time will say Saturday : ) !!

I am thankful for: being able to visit new venues & appreciate all types of creative projects.


Foster’s & Anteater Mickey Mouse..

DAY 26

Foster’s Market saved me today! I had no idea what I wanted for lunch when, all of a sudden (that line made me feel like I was writing an essay for my 4th grade writing test. Anyway..) I thought of Foster’s. Mom & I went there a few weeks ago for brunch & that was awesome, so I went back for a great (& healthy) lunch to-go. Pictured is their Portobella Panini with their Roasted Vegetable Salad. Amazing.

Now, the little crazy lookin’ figure is actually a Cervical Vertebra. On tonight’s agenda at school was a quiz on the bones of the Spine & Thorax. (I’m sure this content is thrilling you all right now. Shaking in your boots yet?) My instructor told us that she remembered the cervical vertebra picture because it reminded her of Mickey Mouse. Well, we were prepped for it to be a quiz primarily involving labeling diagrams, so I decided to do what I did while getting my Associate of Science degree & draw funky little pictures to help me remember the diagrams. It worked! (At least, I hope – grades aren’t in yet.) My drawing, however, reminded me not so much of Mickey, and more of an anteater.. Although the story isn’t all that entertaining, the picture is!! If you hung in this far to the story part, you should totally scroll down to see the image! I think I shall call him…Carl.

Intent: to have a stress-free day!

I am thankful for: places like Foster’s where I can go for a vegetarian-friendly, quick, affordable meal to-go.




I Can Has Blanket..

DAY 25

Today was simply amazing. The sun was out [again]! I caught the sunrise AND sunset! Both were gorgeous.

Moonlight, my cat, has been adjusting to my new schedule this week. In her valiant effort, she boycotted movement for the better part of 3 days. The exceptions (so I’ve been told) were emergency potty & snack breaks, & (of course) the times when I was present. She hung out on my [so wisely chosen] grey heated blanket, & this photo is how she greeted me tonight at 11pm. : )

The hilariously positioned bag of bones (haha – get it 😉 is the skeleton in one of my classrooms this quarter. We couldn’t really pick a name for him last quarter, plus he kept going on roadtrips down the hall to other classrooms, so it almost wasn’t even necessary. Apparently – as of tonight – I’ve decided to name him Mr. [Creepy] Bones ..if only for my own satisfaction.

Intent: to stick to everything on my planner for the day. (Nearly completed! Thank goodness I didn’t put specific times or anything haha.)

I am thankful for: beautiful sunrises & sunsets.



Heart’s You..

DAY 24

My title probably makes no sense ..yet! And it very well may just not make sense at all haha. I’m adjusting to the new schedule I have! Love my days, but it’s quite an adjustment after getting used to sleeping-in accompanied with late-nights. Oh, last week, you were awesome!

Anywho, the inspiration for the title: there was a note left by a mommy (yes, let the duh’s begin haha) for one of the kids I babysit. : ) “Mommy [heart]’s you!” It was so cute! I also must tell the part about when it was erased ..M was singing the ABC song while simultaneously erasing the note from mommy. I told him what it said and he interjected (somewhere between “n” & “t”) “M loves mommy!”

It was sweet to see & made me miss hanging out with my own mommy as much as I’d like to. Good thing I taught her to text! She even knows what “lol” means, which seems wrong to me haha.

Intent: to stay awake & energized. I did!!

I am thankful for: teachers who care!! And that there is a way to correct oneself from locked knee syndrome (I just made that up).