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Fake It Til You Make It..

Or so they say!
It’s worked for me before, so here we go again.

I must admit, I haven’t been happy really at all. My life isn’t what it was a year ago. In some cases – great! In others – not so wonderful.

I’ve really been thinking about what I’m missing. And here’s my list..
..being creative. Solution: get creative again! More photos and more writing.
..being in nature. Solution: I’ve already been walking a couple times this week. That shall continue!
..learning. Solution: I’ve started an herb garden, peeps! Basil, oregano, sage, rosemary, & thyme (I think). Haha! Even remembering who’s out there is a step.
..exploring. Whether it be the city or some new adventure. Solution: Go. Do.

In conclusion – not that I really wrote home about much this post : ) – somethin’s gotta change. That is my mission and it begins this week!

Happy almost Monday!




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