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Sad Pine Cones & Snow-Doh..

DAY 59

A lovely foggy morning turned into a gorgeous spring-like day with an added double post-event sports massage, which was – in a word – Heaven.

We spent the morning waiting for the slick surfaces to dry from yesterday’s rain, but after nap time, M & I went out to enjoy the amazing weather. He found a couple pine cones that had fallen into the grass, picked them up, & brought them to me asking “Why is it sad?” I smiled. He gently placed them in their own planters that were to be their new homes. I was able to get a picture of one.

Snow-Doh you ask? My abbreviated version of snow people made of play-doh. For whatever reason, M is captivated by “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” and making snowmen out of play-doh whenever possible. Today, we decided to tackle facial expressions. Yeah…they all ended up having the same one. No judging, please!

I’ve switched to drinking a smoothie with Yerba-mate in the morning instead of coffee, but the catch is that I have to get it the day before because the store isn’t opened by the time I’d need to be there. All that is to say that when I was in getting my smoothie today, there was a mom with her two boys (probably 4 & 6). She was telling them that they were each getting their own smoothie and the eldest boy starts jumping for joy that he got to have HIS OWN smoothie! It was the cutest thing. It’s nice to be reminded to appreciate the little things..especially by tiny humans. : )

I am thankful for: my very own smoothie!




Lights & Oscars..

DAY 58

“If you ever wondered where your dreams come from, this is where they’re made.” Hugo (scene..standing on a film set)

Last night was the Oscars! I loved the show. 2011 was a great year for movies, and I don’t know how that group narrowed the contenders down  to determine the recipients. Bravo! The Artist won best picture (which I was happy about, but I was rooting for The Help). Hugo took home many awards as well! I was glad..many of last years movies had a consistent theme [for me] – believe in your dreams; believe in yourself. That meant a lot to me seeing as I returned to school to follow through with my passion to help people by way of massage therapy. Last year I also started this blog to help me sculpt and hone in on my photographic skill set.

Cirque du Soleil gone Oscars was unbelievable. I’ve always wanted to see a show and that piece only made that desire increase.

What a Wonderful World (which always makes me think of Toy Story) was sung during the “In Memorium” part of the night.

The picture for today is of a Tow Mater (from Cars) night light. Yep..I took a picture of a night light. During the day. Because it was that overcast. I still had a great day though! I edited the picture in Pixlromatic.

I am thankful for: pillows & blankets. And that Mad Men is returning in March!!

Goodnight, all!



Sunday Passersby..

DAY 57

Woke up early. Took Jac for a walk.
Stopped for pictures several times.
Got ready. Went to get a smoothie & ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a while.
On the drive home I saw a dad teaching his son to ride a bike and an older couple walking their dog.  [Very sweet.]
Came home & have been working on homework since.
Had a dinner date with mommy.
Continued with homework & will be viewing the Oscars shortly.
It’s been a great day!

The pictures..were all taken while on the walk. A few of them I took “blind” in the sense that I was holding the camera away from my face with the LCD screen off. They [shockingly] turned out much better than I expected..and on the first try.

I stumbled upon this photoblog, which was created in an effort to make the girls’ grandmother (who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma..this is the article) able to experience the girls’ lives and keep updated with what was going on. A great idea, if you ask me! The story was very touching & the blog is now – needless to say – bookmarked on my laptop.

I am thankful for: the fact that in an odd way, seeing others smiling, laughing, and enjoying moments makes me happy to be alive.



Love Yourself..

DAY 56

It’s been a NEEDTOBREATHE kind of day. I love this group’s music. Here are 2 songs that have stood out from today, which mostly included sleeping in, tackling homework, cleaning a bit, & babysitting!

Keep Your Eyes Open – NEEDTOBREATHE


The pictures? A tea bag quote & Lego dining room & living room set up.

I am thankful for: lazy weekend days.

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” – Socrates

Courage is being scared to death – but saddling up anyway. -John Wayne

Love is your birthright along with bliss & creativity. – Deepak Chopra

Happy Saturday! Who’s excited for the Oscars?! This girl is. [That would be me. : ) ]


Crazy Mother Weather..

DAY 55

“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” Buddha

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Confucius

All nature. All day. And to say it was crazy would be an understatement! Gorgeous sunrise, progressing to windy conditions, further progressing to windier conditions, & ending in rain. Happy day. : ) [I actually did enjoy it..that wasn’t me being sarcastic.]

With it being so nice & my schedule only having a handful of tasks for the day, I decided to spend as much time outside as possible. Ergo, all pictures from today are of nature.

This video was posted on a blog I follow & I wanted to share it. It’s beautifully filmed & narrated.

I hope you enjoy & were able to spend a little time outside today as well!

I am thankful for: lovely long walks.


Seeing this kind of made me angry.


Just Not Made For Walking..

DAY 54

It was SO nice out today! So very nice that once I finished running a few errands this morning, I had mom meet me at Straw Valley Cafe. We had iced drinks & sat outside to enjoy the weather (& photo opportunities!).

Unfortunately, I forgot to take Baby with me to school tonight. My Kinesiology II class went for a lovely 45 minute walk around a shopping center across from school. I did, however, make sure I brought my phone with me, so I was able to capture a decent picture of the sunset we saw!

Also unfortunate..I picked today to wear my Converse. Love the shoes, but they are just not made for walking (for exercise). So I drove to school in Converse. Drove home in my Crocs (that I forgot I had stashed in the trunk).

Ooh! So last night one of my classmates told me about a class I’ll be taking soon in which I’ll discover my Ayurvedic mind & body type (also known as a Dosha). I decided to do a little research early & discovered that I’m Pita (as are at least 3 of my friends..which I think is a strange/awesome coincidence)! Here is the site if you’re interested to find out which Dosha you belong to:

At any rate, here are the photos!

I am thankful for: Thursdays.




Good Causes & New Discoveries..

DAY 53


You were full of crazy (nice) weather, a new restaurant that I plan to return to often (Qdoba), the realization that coffee may make me sick (B.O.O.), music that took me back to a completely different time in my life (so glad I bought real estate  in a new attitudinal zip code), & a random and very painful busted blood vessel in my ring D.I.P. – distal interphalangeal – (AKA finger) joint. : )

The pictures I took were from playtime outside (for the most part). There is one that I took during sunrise of the light hitting a blanket in such a cool way. I used my Blackberry again (I should really learn to remember to bring Baby).

Also, a friend of a friend is shaving heads for St. Baldrick’s Foundation tomorrow. Donations are greatly appreciated to fund the research the foundation does regarding kids cancer. One of my previous managers attended the head shaving event & raved about the experience and the foundation for months. If you’re able to donate, the link to the website is: & all you’d need to do is type in “Ashley Gerke” on the donation page. All donations are due tomorrow (Thursday) by 3pm. (Thanks!)

I am thankful for: great causes, those who bring them into fruition, & the work that is accomplished and lives touched.